A state commission created by Gov. Dannel Malloy after the Dec. 2012 Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Conn., has released a set of recommendations in a report on Thursday.

The recommendations — which seek to prevent another incident like the one in which 20 children and six teachers were shot and killed at Newtown Elementary School — confront a number of fields, such as school safety, gun violence prevention and mental health.

Directed by Malloy to focus on these three issues, the report proposes stricter firearm laws, better disaster response training for educators and law enforcement officials and reducing the stigmas associated with mental illness.

“The further away we get from December 14, 2012, the more apparent it is to me that the entire country was shaken to its core by the tragic events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” Malloy said to the committee in 2013.

As the report is still in draft form and has yet to be presented to Malloy, the commission will meet Friday morning to discuss it. A live broadcast of the meeting can be viewed on CT-N tomorrow, starting at 9:30 am.