Pucker up. For the second week in a row, Woad’s is for a good cause. This week, Relay for Life is putting on its annual Kiss Away Cancer event, proceeds for which will go toward cancer research. Just in case Valentine’s Day wasn’t soon enough for you.

Alternatively… For the more contemplative souls on campus, there’s also “A More Meaningful Valentine’s Day,” for “Partners in Life & Love” at Elm City Wellness on State Street this evening. Maybe on your way back, you can yell at those kids at Toad’s to turn their doggone rap-hop music down, too.    

Strengths: Strength. Runningback Tyler Varga’s ’15 profile for the 2015 NFL Combine went online yesterday. Grading out at a 5.19 out of 10 (i.e., for a “50-50 chance to make [an] NFL roster”), Varga earned points for his “muscular, well-defined physique” and “strong legs.” So, yeah, the guy can push a lot of weight, even by non-Yale standards.

The next Varga? Numerous high school football players took to social media yesterday to report that they had received a letter of interest from the Yale football team. Coach Tony Reno’s main recruiting pitch is a pretty good one: “We offer one of the finest college educations in the country.” Vikings and Structure of Networks aside, he’s darn right we do.

Yes, please. In an effort to make Connecticut the nation’s first gigabit state, State Comptroller Kevin Lembo joined Mayor Toni Harp to push for high-speed, low-cost internet statewide. We’re in favor of anything that might make YaleSecure pick up the pace a bit.

Preach. New York Times columnist David Brooks, known around these parts for teaching “Humility,” wrote in his latest op-ed that we should be more willing to forgive those who trespass against us, particularly higher-profile figures like NBC anchor Brian Williams who tend to face higher scrutiny, post-scandal. It’s for their own good, he notes, as long as they *humbly* seek to improve.   

Not humble enough? In an interview with Politico, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal argued that members of the “elite” class might resent the idea of a major Republican politician with an Ivy League degree. Maybe he can ask George W. Bush ’68 for a little help on the subject.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1932 The competition for freshmen seeking to join the News’ staff continues. Those who missed its opening meeting, however, will not be handicapped for their absence, a notice insists, despite its preliminary nature.

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