The ambiguity of a message scrawled on Ivy Noodle’s front door about a “temporary” closing has fueled speculation about when the late-night Chinese restaurant might re-open.

A sign that has been on the restaurant’s front door for roughly a week reads: “Closed Temporary for Personnel Reason.”

Representatives from University Properties, which owns Ivy Noodle’s property, indicated that they have been in contact with the restaurant’s personnel, who said they hope to resume operations soon.

“Coreen Guo has communicated to us that due to personal reasons, she needs to temporarily shut down Ivy Noodle.  She hopes to resolve the situation shortly,” University Properties spokesperson Lauren Zucker said.

Oscar Hernandez, employee at neighboring establishment Tomatillo also said that the establishment is only temporarily closed to his knowledge.

Ivy Noodle opened in 2000.