The Game(s). They’re not football games, nor are they at Madison Square Garden, but this weekend’s Harvard-Yale matchups in hockey and basketball are generating some real buzz around campus. If you managed to get your tickets in time, you’re expected to use them well: Here’s to hearing a lot of “Harvard Sucks” and “Bulldog, bulldog” this weekend. See you there.   

First sign of spring. With college applicants across the country now counting down to Ivy Day, the Undergraduate Admissions Team sent out an email last night to solicit Bulldog Days hosts. Weird to think that it’s already that time of year, but at least this means that sunshine is somewhere in the not-too-terribly-distant future.

Beware the angry mob. The unexpected (temporary) closing of Ivy Noodle has triggered quite a stir on campus. Numerous students, perplexed by an ambiguous note on the restaurant’s door, have expressed discontent that it remains shuttered, roughly a week in. Next time you’re out late craving Chinese food, take the gang to Main Garden.

“Radical honesty.” Yesterday, PBS Newshour’s Making Sen$e did something that very few people on this campus have managed to do: Get close to Business Ethics professor Vikram Mansharamani, who described the extensive gymnastics students put themselves through to get into his EP&E seminar this (and every other) semester.

____ Space. In honor of National Signing Day, the New York Times profiled Georgia native Chris Lewis and his odd choice to attend Harvard, rather than other, more basketball-savvy programs. Presented as a feature titled “Test Yourself | Choosing the Ivy League,” the piece challenged readers by embedding SAT-style fill-in-the-blank questions throughout the story’s text.

Hey, Marco. Of course polo is a thing at Yale. This weekend, Yale’s polo team takes on Princeton, which doesn’t really matter on a weekend when so many other teams are playing Harvard. But our squad members (and horses) do. Be there, or be but a peasant.

Should’ve carded him. North Haven Police reported yesterday that they had arrested a man from New Haven after he opened several credit accounts in the name of an elderly woman, whose identity he’d stolen. The Box bouncers would’ve figured out that the ID was probably fake.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2014 Several Yale faculty interviewed express reservations about United States President Barack Obama’s proposed college rating system.

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