Yale Daily Super Bowl item. If you thought your suite got tense over Sunday’s 4th quarter finish, it didn’t. The New Haven Police Department reported that several officers (including some from the SWAT team) had to respond to the post-game scene at a house on Cedar Hill Avenue. There, one man threatened another with a pistol after a “game-related argument erupted.”

We’re not the only ones. Even though yesterday’s conditions  actually felt more like a blizzard than last week’s letdown did, Yale wasn’t the only local institution to insist on continuing with classes today. The University of New Haven, Quinnipiac and Southern Connecticut State University are all in session for (at least part of) Tuesday.

Better than Tinder. WEEKEND is now accepting applications for its annual Valentine’s Day competition, The Blindest Date. If chosen, your February could be a little less gloomy, courtesy of an all-expenses-paid date with… some rando that your fellow Yale students want to see you with for whatever reason. Put yourself in Cupid’s line of fire.    

It’s happening. Last night, a group of Harvard CS50 student staffers launched recruiting efforts for their Yale counterparts — who will help lead the imported course in New Haven next year — by promoting a series of February information sessions about the class’s TF program. We’re still not sure if this is an olive branch or a hostile takeover.   

Dubious. Such is one word to describe James Franco’s association with Yale. But the movie star is flexing the literary chops that made him an ENGL 125 teaching assistant by bringing a little-known John Steinbeck novel to the big screen. “In Dubious Battle,” published in 1936, will receive the full Hollywood treatment, with a cast that currently includes Bryan Cranston, Ed Harris and Selena Gomez.

Fed up. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal wrote that Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen GRD ’71 is ready to stand tall against an “Audit the Fed” movement within Congress that would subject the Central Bank to stricter oversight in crafting monetary policy. Could be a lot of Yellen yellin’ (at U.S. Senator Rand Paul) in the near future.

FT Tea. A master’s tea in Branford this afternoon will bring in Della Bradshaw, the Financial Times’ Business Education Editor who launched the publication’s b-school rankings list in 1999.   

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1966 The University goes digital for the first time, switching to a computer-based course evaluation system to generate a higher response rate from students.

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