One day after students received a campus-wide alert about an on-campus sexual assault, another, similar incident took place, Yale Police Department Chief Ronnell Higgins reported.

Higgins’ latest public safety email, sent on Friday afternoon, informed students that a second sexual assault occurred in an on-campus residential room on Jan. 21. Both the victim and the perpetrator in this case were Yale students, he added.

On Tuesday, Jan. 20, Higgins reported a Jan. 18 sexual assault, also occurring on-campus, in which a non-Yale student was reportedly assaulted by a Yale college student in a residential college suite. Tuesday’s message was the first campus-wide alert of the semester.

At the conclusion of his email, Higgins commented on the YPD’s ability to provide referrals to other support resources, including Yale’s Sexual Harassment and Assault Center, the Title IX Coordinator, the University-Wide Committee, Yale University Health Services and victims’ advocacy services.

He urged students with information about the incident to contact the department.