A non-Yale student reported being sexually assaulted by a Yale student on Jan. 18, according to a campus-wide email sent by Yale Police Department Chief Ronnell Higgins Tuesday night.

The Yale student was an acquaintance of the victim, according to Higgins’ email, and the incident occurred in an on-campus residential college suite.

Higgins asked anyone with knowledge about the incident to approach YPD with information. He added the police department can provide referrals to other resources, including Yale’s Sexual Harassment and Assault Center, the Title IX Coordinator, the University-Wide Committee, Yale University Health Services and victims’ advocacy services.

Because complaints of sexual misconduct on campus — which are documented in a semi-annual report published by the University Title IX office — can be handled by various Yale offices, they do not necessarily reach police.

Those that do, however, must be reported to the entire University community soon thereafter.

According to the federal Clery Act of 1990, universities that receive federal financial aid are required to record and report all crime, including sexual assault, that occurs on or near campus. In addition to filing an Annual Safety Report, schools must also provide ongoing information about crimes and emergencies throughout the school year. Institutions that do not comply can be heavily fined, with charges of up to $35,000 per violation.