Happy Monday! Apologies to those of you who actually have to get out of bed on a Friday this time and to anyone looking to shop a Friday-only seminar. But, hey, who can complain about a three-day weekend?

Camp Yale. Believe it or not, Yale still has a lot of street cred for giving the world Walter Camp, class of 1882,who is the father of American football. As a result, the country’s best players, the Walter Camp All-Americans, will be on campus throughout the weekend for a whole circuit of events, culminating in a Saturday dinner in Commons.

Fools rush in. It’s Greek season, but you don’t necessarily have to be rushing to benefit. Sig Chi gets things going with what they’re calling an “ICE RAGE” tonight. AEPi and SAE follow suit with their  highly anticipated events on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Speaking of which, we’re in the market for a rush chair — join the News!

Parents love us. Heads-up: Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway wrote to your parents yesterday. Don’t worry, it’s not about your plans to partake in the aforementioned festivities this weekend — Holloway just wanted to give an update on how things are going up here in sunny New Haven. But we’re sure everyone back home already knows about the new colleges, the cultural centers, etc. We’ve got them covered.

Whiffs in Wethersfield. The Whiffenpoofs are headlining the 22nd Annual Keeney Cultural Series taking place this Sunday in Wethersfield, Conn. “Everyone enjoys them,” one event organizer told the Hartford Courant about the world’s most famous tux-and-white-glove-wearers.

In the flesh. PostSecret isn’t just a Facebook page for Yalies to vent about grades and girls — it’s also a live performance bit, apparently. A certain Frank Warren takes the stage at Southern Connecticut State University tonight to reveal some of the anonymous postcards that he has received in his project to reach into the depths of people’s thoughts.

Opening day. Beinecke has a big day today, with three major exhibitions kicking off. Each showcases art and culture from a specific time and place in world history, encompassing Japan, the 1980s East German State and the civil rights era American theater scene. Come see the world.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1984 The University announces three Yale winners of the Rhodes Scholarship: Roosevelt Thompson ’84, Robert Malley GRD ’84 and Kissee Sandoval ’84, with Sandoval becoming the first Hispanic female to win the prize.

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