Not again. CourseTable shut down yesterday, except, this time, the administration kept its hands clean — shortly after the site’s domain expired, co-founder Peter Xu ’14 temporarily directed students to a version dubbed “CTYalePlus.” CourseTable was quickly restored, however, which is a good thing because we’re starting to lose track of all the name changes. Shop on.    

Prepare for battle. Tonight, Bridgewater — perhaps the most gladitorial company to grace campus during this wonderful time of year — comes to town. See you at the Miya’s social at 8:30. Be there or be no one.    

Walrus hunt. Morse held a Master Search Forum in its college common room last night to move forward with the search for Master Amy Hungerford’s replacement. Bonus if her successor can also teach “American Novel.”

The nature of Genius. Genius, formerly RapGenius, recently stole former New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones to be its new executive editor. The move shows continued commitment to the musical roots of the site, which was founded by a trio of Yalies. Props for not selling out.

Getting ready. Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 is turning up the heat on her plans to run for President in 2016. The Democratic hopeful hired a chief campaign strategist and a media adviser yesterday in a move that some hope will lead to Clinton’s reclamation of the White House for Yale.

Call to the show. Meanwhile, the guy currently in the White House named Law School professor Tracey Meares to his new Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Nice to know that New Haven’s voice will contribute in a major way to the national conversation on law enforcement.

Go. As the global oil market continues to freefall, several gas stations across the state have begun marking per-gallon prices below $2. Good news for the five people on campus with a car.

Pass the torch. A Wednesday editorial in The Hartford Courant detailed some potential in-state benefits of having the 2024 Olympics in Boston like sailing, equestrian and cycling competition sites in Connecticut. Still, we’d be long-gone from campus by then, so don’t get too excited.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1987 After failing to make tuition payments on time, more than 600 students are placed on hold by Bursar’s Office. The penalty prevents them from accessing grades from the previous term and eating in dining halls beyond Sunday dinners and Monday breakfasts.

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