Je suis désolé. A Monday article published to the Yale Alumni Magazine’s website explored the reported deep “regret” that Fareed Zakaria ’86 has felt in defending Yale’s decision to withhold a series of cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad from “The Cartoons That Shook the World,” a Yale University Press book published in 2009. Zakaria himself wrote retrospectively about the decision in a column for The Washington Post last month.

Yale Service Announcement. An email from Dwight Hall late Monday night invited students to register for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, to be held next Monday from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Volunteer opportunities include the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen and the New Haven People’s Center.

Reddit review. Brooklyn-based screenwriter Timothy Cooper ’02 offered his script consultancy services to the general public in a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything forum yesterday. Participants passed a variety of movie ideas Cooper’s way — ranging from stoner comedies to coming of age stories — for his thoughts on their viability. For what it’s worth, we like the horror comedy about a spellcasting Abraham Lincoln.

The Yale TKTK. Last night, Comedy Central’s “@mignight” promoted the #MoreAccurateMascots hashtag campaign online, soliciting improved team names for various collegiate and professional franchises. Twitter users from around the globe took the opportunity to replace “The Yale Bulldogs” with “The Yale Silver Spoons” and “The Yale Iraq-Invading Presidents,” among others.   

Testing, testing. A recent piece written in Salon Magazine made the argument that Yale and Harvard continue to over-value SAT scores, which writer Lani Guinier found to correlate with family income, in the admissions process. As a result, Guinier called for further class inclusivity.

The other Mike Posner. The Yale Political Union takes on former Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner in a debate over enhanced interrogation this evening. No word yet on whether or not this Posner thinks he’s cooler than the singer.

(Side) Showcase. Today, the School of Art’s “Side Show” exhibit kicks off at the 32 Edgewood Ave. Gallery, featuring 50 works by almost 30 artists.


2012 Tony Reno is named Yale’s 34th head football coach, less than two months after competing agains t the Elis as a member of Harvard’s coaching staff. “I’m the right man for the job,” Reno proclaims in his inaugural press conference.

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