Ah, Snapchat stories. What did we ever do without them? How did we manage to let all our college friends know that we were having way more fun than they were in those pre-October 2013 days? I don’t know either, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to share countless photos of wilted leaves with all my friends and adoring fans.

Last Thursday, I rolled out of bed, yelled “Bring on the ‘kla$$ier than thou’ dinner table snaps!” to no one in particular, and promptly went into the kitchen to find the perfect subject for a festive Thanksgiving frame mass snap. So believe me when I say that it brings me great pain that the holidays snaps are over (at least until December 18). I’ve created this bingo game board as part of an elaborate coping mechanism. I hope you all enjoy reliving your Turkey Day as much as I did.