Is that it? After much commotion and hoopla, On Harvard Time finally released its prank video for this year’s Game. Let’s just say it was a little underwhelming —after all, it is a little hard to pull a fast one on a campus that already knows what’s happening. But on the bright side, the Cantabs got to pretend that they were Yale students for a day, which they seem to really like doing.

Duck, duck, Gus. After YCC President Michael Herbert ’16 challenged him to settle things in the ring, mano a mano, Harvard senior Gus Mayopoulos *politely* declined. At least On Harvard Time had the guts to show up and put themselves out there.

Help Harvard instead. This afternoon, comedy writer Joe Toplyn will be stopping by Branford to give a master’s tea on “How to Be Funny.” In light of recent events, it might be more useful for him to pay a visit to those kids up north.

Pinky out. The YCBA student guides are hosting an arts and crafts event today in the Center. At “The Game” Tea, attendees will prepare for Saturday’s matchup in a classy and civil way. Which is refreshing (like the tea they’ll be drinking, we suppose).

W, X, Y and Z. Former U.S. President George W. Bush ’68 was adorned with yet another honor yesterday, when it was announced that a Texas elementary school would be named in his honor.

Doing it all., one of college hockey’s pre-eminent media sources, profiled Yale’s squad after its weekend sweep of Dartmouth and Harvard. Lauding the Eli skaters’ ability to fill multiple positions to make up for injured players, the article hinted at optimism for the rest of the Bulldogs’ season.

Deliver me. Little-known fact: New Haven is home to some of the best mail carriers in the country. The U.S. Postal Service announced yesterday that 44 Elm City deliverymen and women will be inducted into the National Safety Council’s “Million Mile Club” for consistently getting packages from A to B safely. Salute.

A Different Package. Not long after putting on its fall semester show, A Different Drum is back at it. The troupe is offering “Dance Grams,” which students can send to their friends after break ends. The delivery? “An interpretive dance or the Mean Girls infamous talent show number.”

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1880 The YCC votes, 16 to 11, against a proposal to place a Council member on each important University committee, citing concerns about efficiency.

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