Yale College Council President Michael Herbert ’16 will not take no for an answer.

To prepare for the 131st edition of The Game — slated for next Saturday in Cambridge — Yale has organized transportation and housing for its students, Harvard has arranged for a Friday night party in Harvard Yard and Herbert has released a video on YouTube challenging Harvard Undergraduate Council President Gus Mayopoulos to a boxing match on YouTube. Herbert said he posted the video in an effort to push Harvard to approve the fight.

“The more pressure we put on Harvard, the more likely it is that this will happen,” Herbert said. “Harvard has been talking the talk, now it’s time for them to walk the walk.”

In the video, which has been viewed more than 3,500 times since it was published on Sunday night, YCC Saybrook College representative Chadd Cosse ’17 outlines why he believes Yale historically trumps Harvard. At the end, Herbert appears and declares his challenge to Mayopoulos.

Mayopoulos said the boxing match would be fun on the one hand, but he also said the Harvard administration has informed him that it would pose legal and safety issues. He added that safety concerns are real, as he would not want to “damage Herbert’s face in any way.”

Friday night entertainment also includes a party in Harvard Yard at 9:00 p.m., Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry said in an email to all Yale students. A party the night before the game is nothing new — last year, the YCC threw a party in Commons.

Harvard freshman Alex Kaufman said he does not anticipate a large turnout at the Yard because there has been little advertisement for it.

Dylan Gastel ’18 said he does not plan on going to the party at Harvard Yard. Instead, he said he hopes to find better parties elsewhere.

The main attraction, the football game, will cost Yale students $20 for a ticket and $50 for a second ticket. Mayopoulos said he believes the high ticket pricing is a measure that was implemented this year because of a seating shortage. Herbert said he thinks this steep cost is unfair to students.

“This isn’t the Patriots Giants — there’s no reason for it to cost $50. I think it’s overpriced and I apologize to students,” he said.

Students at Yale and Harvard had mixed views on the $50 price tag.

While Zoot Garbasz ’18 said it might prevent alumni from coming, Tyler Caldwell ’18 said he feels indifferent on the matter.

For transportation to Cambridge, Associated Student Agencies has organized bus rides that can be purchased at $23 one-way.

ASA Manager Miles Richardson ’15 said in an email to the News that by working with the Yale College Dean’s Office, Academy Bus Co., and various student agencies, his organization has tried to keep prices low while maximizing sales. However, prices still rose from two years ago, Richardson said, which he attributed to a rise in costs for transportation.

Eight out of nine students interviewed said they plan on using ASA transportation to get to Harvard. Garbasz said taking the bus makes it easier for her to coordinate travel plans with her friends.

But Chris Reese ’18 said that most athletic teams are renting their own busses so they can travel together.

Housing will be free of charge, though, because all Yale students can stay in their “sister college” at Harvard, Herbert said. Caldwell said he is taking advantage of this option.

“I’m staying in my sister college because I don’t know anyone at Harvard,” he said. “Since my college will pair me up with someone, that makes things easy for me.”

Calhoun Master Julia Adams said in an email that she is grateful that Kirkland, Calhoun’s sister college, has been so hospitable to her students.

Another housing option for Yale students is to stay with Harvard undergraduates whom they already know. Kaufman said he and other Harvard students are open to hosting old friends from Yale because doing so gives them a chance to catch up.

“I’m hosting three to four people for The Game,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to it as I think it’ll be a great opportunity to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while.”

The Game will be televised nationally on the NBC Sports Network.