HBDean. Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean ’71 turned 66-years-old yesterday. Students in Dean’s GLBL 388 class, The Politics of Foreign Policy, celebrated the occasion by buying him a cake, despite the obvious opportunity to bring in another kind of baked good for brownie points.

Yale, you tease. Yesterday, the Washington Post published an op-ed by a high school senior named Amanda Graves, in which she called Yale out for its practice of “[reaching] out to thousands of students with fancy brochures.” The University’s end goal, she claimed, is simply to perpetuate its exclusivity because it has no intention of admitting students like her. Well played, Ms. Graves.

Constructive competition. Over the course of this week, students will be able to participate in the Harvard-Yale Ebola Challenge by donating loose change to add to the amounts accumulated by both their residential college and Yale, overall, through a donation center in Commons. Beat Ebola, beat Harvard — it’s all good.

Look the part. A piece posted by TheBoola.com has been circulating online, showcasing nine Yalies and their fall fashion choices. The looks ranged from the conventional sweater and jeans to the more pronounced poncho. Bean boots should figure prominently in the next edition on winter.

If you dare. Secret Snapta, a project that connects random Snapchat users in the Yale community, went live yesterday. Through the app, one receives a picture in return  for any one he or she sends out — we’re still reeling from the addition of Yale Campus.

Is Yale attractive? A final solicitation for the Yale Composite Portrait Project went out yesterday, hoping to aggregate Yale facebook photos for a face-averaging project. Remember: Some of us have come a long way from when we took those shots in high school.

Playing nice. SportzEdge.com profiled two prominent figures in Yale-Harvard history: former captains Bud Talbott, class of 1914, and Charley Brickley. The article credited the football players with building a culture of sportsmanship in the old days of the Ivy League. We suspect that Talbott, who once helped the Elis take down Notre Dame, had more to do with that than Brickley.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2011 The New Haven City Plan Commission approves the proposed site plan for the University’s two new residential colleges, despite a stalled fundraising campaign.

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