Are you not entertained? YCC President Michael Herbert ’16 threw down the gauntlet on Sunday night, challenging his Harvard counterpart to a boxing match before Saturday’s Game. The people have your back, Chief. Remember: What you do in life echoes in eternity.

Sign up. A staple of the College GameDay program is the abundance of witty signs held up by students in the show’s background. This being Yale, we expect Saturday’s batch to be especially clever. The Whaling Crew announced plans for a sign-making party later this week to help get the creative juices flowing.

Kerry comes through.  As the men’s hockey team topped Harvard on Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry ’66 sat in the stands. We hope to see similarly stellar results on the football field and in the bleachers this weekend.

“This is not an open party.” In true Mean Girls fashion, the public online invitation to an eloquently named Harvard party before The Game indicated that guests would not be allowed inside if they didn’t know any of the hosts (or if they were freshmen).

She’s real.  Taylor Swift was seen at a Starbucks in North Haven last week, when she was greeted by a flock of fans from Quinnipiac University, the New Haven Register reported.

Pretend purgatory.  This weekend, students in the Italian department’s “Dante in Translation” course ventured up East Rock, imagining it to be the Mountain of Purgatory.

Your feedback matters. Over the weekend, the admissions office solicited feedback from hopeful applicants, surveying them on the functionality of Yale’s official website.

Scared of SCOTUS. A recent article by The New Republic pointed out that Yale and Harvard collectively dominate the Supreme Court. The piece’s writer, however, suggested that the Court has become “too smart.” Thanks?

Weighing in. YaleNews interviewed several Yale political science faculty for expert commentary on last month’s midterm elections, exploring issues such as the GOP’s success and financing.

Holidays with Higgins. This weekend, the Yale Police Department kicked off its holiday donation drive, collecting toys for children through New Haven Reads.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1988 CIA Director William Webster speaks, noting that he will continue serving under the incoming president George H.W. Bush ’48.

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