This year students can expect shirts for the Harvard-Yale game that have longer sleeves, steeper prices and slogans ranging from “The classiest game shirt” to “Huck Farvard.”

The Freshman Class Council opted for a long-sleeved model, and changed the design to be more provocative and in alignment with the spirit of the Game, FCC president Peter Huang ’18 said. Its slogan changed from adapted Miley Cyrus reference “Yale came in like a Wrecking Bull” to “Huck Farvard: Inflating Grades & Egos Since 1636.”

“[We wanted something] clever, but not offensive, to draw some good laughs,” he said.

Members of FCC unanimously approved the design, according to Harrison Tracy ’17, who coordinated the FCC game shirt project.

Two out of six students interviewed said they particularly liked the FCC design, especially the “grades and egos” caption in the back.

However, Kai Takahashi ’16, now in his third year of designing and selling his own shirts for The Game, said he did not find FCC’s anti-Harvard approach in good taste. The FCC shirt focuses solely on making fun of Harvard instead of supporting Yale, Takahashi said.

“It’s much more fun to root for your own team than to degrade the opponent in my experience, so I’ve made pro-Yale shirts only,” Takahashi said.

Compared to the $10 price tag FCC had for its product last year, these three vendors’ shirts are all higher in price. AISEC’s is $15, FCC’s is $18 and Takahashi’s is $20.

FCC game shirt coordinators said this change in price and type of the shirt is due to the new long-sleeved design, adding that they think people will appreciate the extra coverage for the cold weather at Harvard.

Three students interviewed said they didn’t mind the markup, calling it as an inevitable cost-increase for the weather-appropriate change to long-sleeves.

But Emma Spence ’17 said she does not see the added value of the long sleeves, saying that students will likely need jackets to wear over them anyways. Further, Lily Hahn ’17 said she does not think she would pay $20 for a long-sleeve shirt, and she would appreciate having more choices.

The Yale Record had a small sale of short-sleeve shirts earlier in the month, editor-in-chief Aaron Gertler ’15 said. The black shirt, which The Record also sold last year, is labeled “Whoever wins, our lives will end equally in death.”

The shirt is “bipartisan, with no anti-Harvard sentiment,” Gertler said. “We’re all in this together, playing football until we die.”

While Gertler noted that the “Huck Farvard” design was something done in the past, he also said some other old designs are worthy of note.

“I always liked the old shirt that said ‘Harvard killed the dinosaurs. Never forget,’” he said.