Good news for Yalies with political aspirations: 17 Yale alumni were elected in Tuesday’s midterm elections, totaling three senators, three governors and eleven members of the House. Yale didn’t quite beat Harvard’s numbers, however. The Crimson took home a total of 35 congressional and gubernatorial seats. Still, Yale had more female alumni elected than Harvard did, with 5 seats to Harvard’s 3. Ten of the elected Yale alumni were members of the Democratic Party.

Among those elected was Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. While at Yale, Dayton played on the varsity hockey team and was a brother in the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon. Another was New Jersey Senator Cory Booker LAW ’97, who became New Jersey’s first black senator in 2013, speaking at the University’s Class Day exercises later that year.

According to a Huffington Post article published in February of this year, Yale ranked third in the nation behind Harvard and Georgetown for universities with the most alumni serving in the U.S. Congress.