Never let go. On Monday, University Chief Information Officer Len Peters announced that the Yale email accounts for the newest class of alumni will remain active one full year after they received their diplomas. 2014 grads around the real world reminisced over panlists past.

Checking in from China. President Peter Salovey reported to the University community from Beijing in an email yesterday. On-hand to finalize the opening of the new Yale Center Beijing, Salovey also previewed a series of panels on tech, globalization and development.

GS. Applications to the Studies in Grand Strategy program were due last night, but those applying are almost inherently  diligent enough to know when deadlines are.

The other GS. The economics counterparts of the high-intensity global affairs/history/political science majors applying to Grand Strategy will likely be in The Study tonight for Goldman Sachs’ information session.

Things. The YEI announced a new “Internet of Things” prize, capturing the simultaneous ambiguity and potency of technological innovation these days. $10,000 to the two startup groups to come up with the best “things,” the Monday announcement explained.

Das Talk. The AACC, along with other constituent groups, will be hosting Indian actress and director Nandita Das this evening in La Casa Cultural. Up for discussion (over food): “Infinite Identities.”

Motion denied. Justice Samuel Alito was denied Sunday brunch at the overbooked Study because he did not have a reservation, according to Even upon learning Alito’s identity, the hostess stood her ground because not even the Supreme Court is above restaurant law.

Playing Swensen. A Monday piece by entitled “How to invest like the Ivy League Endowments with ETFs” encouraged readers to model investments after successful portfolios like Harvard’s and even more successful ones like Yale’s.

We want you. Today’s YPU debate with political science professor Jason Stanley tackles the role of propaganda in society and its influences on democracy. Promotions contained the ever-emphatic portrait of Uncle Sam.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1993 Esteemed philosophy professor Jonathan Lear ’70 announces that he is taking a position at the University of Chicago, continuing an exodus from the department.

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