It begins. With the conclusion of fall break comes the all-out blitz of finance and consulting recruiting season. Industry heavyweights Morgan Stanley and McKinsey get the party started tonight at the Omni and the Study, respectively.
Flameout. As Yale rolled to a 43-21 victory over Penn this weekend, Harvard and Princeton duked it out in Cambridge with the home Crimson smoking the Tigers 49-7. As a result, the traditional Princeton bonfire event held to celebrate a football sweep over Yale and Harvard will not be happening this fall.
Shots fired. Meanwhile, with both its football teams rolling, Harvard and Yale students can feel The Game inching closer. The YCC kicked off the annual back-and-forth with its Twitter fact of the day for Sunday: That “crimson” is not listed as a noun in any major English dictionary.
Whetting the appetite. The Harvard Alumni Association is also looking forward to The Game, having announced its Tailgate Luncheon on Sunday night. As an oh-so classy alternative to the normal pregame festivities, the event promises a “hearty buffet lunch” for anyone willing to fork over the $35 admission fee for adults.
#FeedVarga. Leading into the game against Penn, the New York Times published a profile of starting running back Tyler Varga ’15, shedding light on the extreme intensity of his training regimen, including an eat-every-two-hours routine.

We got next. Last week, members of the media ranked Yale second in its Ivy League basketball preseason poll — one spot behind the front-running Harvard Crimson. The squad will have the opportunity to live up to (and beyond) those expectations starting Nov. 14 at Quinnipiac.
Trendy. The Yale Alumni Association hosted a Social Media Summit in San Francisco last weekend to teach graduates — young and old — how to maximize their online presence.
Maximized online presence. On Sunday, The Yale Record created a Facebook page named “Underheard at Yale,” satirizing the ever-popular “Overheard at Yale” group with memes and self-referential humor, accumulating almost 1,000 members in just six hours.
2009 A fire sparked by a cigarette lit inside a room in Branford results in discussion about University and state policy on indoor smoking, particularly after the Council of Masters’ office websites posts a bulletin allowing such behavior in consenting suites.
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