How not to get in. Today’s issue of The New Yorker contained a piece called the “College-Application Essay” in its Shouts & Murmurs section. Penned by Paul Rudnick ’77, the piece satirizes the application of an impossibly accomplished and unbearably arrogant high school  senior who would likely fit in best at Harvard.

Rep represent. At least one member in the audience of the Yale Repertory Theater’s rendition of “Arcadia” came away impressed: longtime New York Times reviewer Sylviane Gold. On Friday, Gold wrote about the show, imploring readers to see School of Drama Dean James Bundy’s DRA ’95 “inexhaustible” take on the Tom Stoppard production.

“Study fuel.” On Saturday afternoon, the Orangeside Donuts Twitter account asked its followers for suggestions on where to host a square donut study break. Bass Library is an early contender after its own account responded with a picture of Nemo Blackburn ’16 claiming that “Bass donuts are [his] study fuel.”

Not all about that Bass. The Orangeside exchange wasn’t Bass’ only moment in the social media sun this weekend. Minutes later, the Yale Undergraduate Admissions’ Facebook page named the underground space as one of the best study spaces on campus. Less obvious choices included the Hewitt Quadrangle, the Becton Center Ground Cafe and the School of Forestry’s Kroon Hall.

New Haven loves you. On Sunday, published a Humans of New York-esque photoset entitled “People and Their Surprising Facts.” Chris Randall, the man behind the lens, went around town, snapping pictures of people and asking for facts about themselves. Among them: “I really like people” and “I like all kinds of people.”

Family business. Tonight, the YPU is hosting a debate with conservative businessman Sean Fieler on the concept of family, and policy’s role in shaping it. Fieler, a Williams graduate, currently lives in Princeton, N.J., with his wife and four children.

Lights, please. The Hindu Students Council’s Diwali Pooja takes place tonight in Commons to celebrate the Hindu Festival of Lights, complete with sparklers, dance and food.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1988 With a participation rate of 95 percent, the senior class raises $85,000 in activities funds. At $73 per person, senior dues are earmarked for a variety of college-specific and classwide events for members of the Class of 1989, including Paul Giamatti ’89 and Anderson Cooper ’89.

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