The love spreads. The sidewalk outside Vanderbilt Hall was decorated with chalk on Tuesday — taking the message across Old Campus from Durfee.

Culture in Commons. The Muslim Students Association’s flagship event, the Eid Banquet, takes place this evening. Dubbed “the largest annual cultural event on campus,” the banquet will take place in Commons and will feature keynote speaker Dalia Mogahed and halal cuisine.

Don’t hack Yale. Research done by Seattle-based Seely Security pointed to two unnamed Ivy League schools as particularly prone to hacker activity with potentially devastating consequences. Firm CEO Bryan Seely told that the schools in question run the risk of having sensitive financial, medical and academic records leaked.

Prepare for the worst. The New Haven Register reported Tuesday that Yale-New Haven Hospital has procedures in place to handle suspected cases of Ebola. As quickly as the common cold has managed to spread across campus recently, doctors are nurses areready to kick into gear.

Go forth. The application deadline to study abroad next term is today. Be ready: They say you’ll never know what you’re missing until you go.

Screwfall. Stiles screw is Friday, and the residential college has a sleek website for the dance. Featuring a tuxedo and the famous “007” logo, the event’s “Screwfall” name is more likely an allusion to the 2012 James Bond movie “Skyfall” than a play on the “Snowfall” term used to describe digital journalism (i.e., the News’ concussion series).

“Bad Paper.” Jake Halpern ’97 published his latest book, “Bad Paper: Chasing Debt From Wall Street to the Underworld” on Tuesday, spinning the buddy cop-esque tale of a young financier who returns to Buffalo, N.Y., to launch a private equity firm, alongside his mismatching, but street-smart partner.

Living up to the name. A Tuesday Quartz article reported that the Ivy League has spawned more S&P 500 and Fortune 500 CEOs, 68, than any other NCAA conference. And though the Big Ten claims more than twice as many CFOs, the Ancient Eight continues to churn out high numbers of high-quality workers, adjusting for school size.

1958 Ingalls Rink — then nicknamed “The Turtle” or “The Dinosaur,” rather than “The Whale” — enters its final stage of pre-opening tests after months of construction.
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