Students from around Yale interested in applying to Yale Law School can attend the institution’s first “Meet an Admissions Officer Day” next Thursday.

The event offers each interested student a 30-minute, one-on-one meeting with a YLS admissions officer to ask questions about YLS or the law school application process in general. The inspiration for the open house format came from a similar event hosted for undergraduates at Columbia University by Columbia Law School, YLS Director of Admissions Craig Janecek said.

He added that YLS has always maintained an open door policy with Yale students, and this event is an effort to streamline and facilitate that same process. YLS Director of Communications and Public Affairs Jan Conroy said one of the goals of the “Meet an Admissions Officer Day” event is to de-mystify the process of applying to YLS, which can be intimidating.

“I think it’s really a more formal vehicle for what we’ve done in the past,” Janecek said. “It might be a way to package what we already do better.”

Janecek said the purpose of the event was not to attract more Yale College students, as the Law School already receives many applications from Yale undergraduates — there is no incentive to recruit more. Over 10 percent of the 2014-2015 first year class at YLS are Yale College alumni, he said.

But Janecek also said students from Yale College remain a valuable asset for the law school.

“The quality of a Yale College education and the caliber of student that Yale College attracts makes it a great place to draw potential law students from,” he said.

Andrew Tran ’16 said the impression that Yale College has a lot of students interested in attending YLS might be a product of selection bias. He added that he knows many interested in applying to YLS but does not think that there is a disproportionately large number of students on the campus as a whole that plan to apply.

Tran added that coming to Yale College was what put YLS on his radar for law school.

YLS professor Peter Schuck said the faculty members read 40 to 50 applications a year, and the many applicants from Yale College are often extremely well qualified. But, Schuck said, although he has taught students from Yale College who were outstanding, they are generally no more impressive than students who attended other colleges.

“I wouldn’t say I find there to be a striking difference between my students who went to Yale College and other students,” Schuck said. Still, they tend to be more self-confident than others, he added.

Daniel Stern ’16 said the appeal of Yale Law School for current Yale College students is its synthesis of excellent academic credentials, its small and extremely selective student body and its familiarity to students who already know their way around Yale’s campus and New Haven.

Robert Peck ’15 said almost everyone he has met who has considered applying to law school has mentioned a serious interest in YLS.

In the past six years, the highest number of students to enter YLS from Yale College was 33 in 2010.