If you’re reading this, you probably know: WKND is something different. We cuss and joke and make a lot of bad puns. We use the first person. We wear sweatshirts and jeans. We’re part of the YDN, sure, but we’re up in the attic of 202 York.

For the past year, your WKND editors have upheld a tradition of quirky excellence and excellent quirkiness. They’ve published cutting-edge features, heart-breaking views and side-splitting doubletrucks. They’ve covered all the trickiest topics, from LSD to mental health to environmentalism. In their tender capable hands, the (equally) tender WKND flourished.  But as of today, as of this issue, we’ve turned over a new leaf. We’ve begun a new chapter. (We mostly just love book metaphors). In sum, WKND has three new editors! That’s right — Three. New. Editors.

“I’d like to thank the Academy,” Andy Koenig ’16 says, when asked about his new position. He flashes a radiant smile.

David Whipple ’16 looks up from his computer and pulls out his earbuds. “I have no complaints,” he says. Then he replaces his earbuds.

“I’m happy we work on the fourth floor. No one ever comes up to the fourth floor,” Jane Balkoski ’16 whispers. A curtain of dark hair obscures her face.

As your new editors, we — David, Andy and Jane — promise to publish the prettiest sentences and the funniest jokes. We solemnly swear to cover controversial stories and Complex Issues. We will keep you, dear reader, informed of all Important Happenings. We will also talk about our feelings. A lot. We may be in the attic, but this is not an ivory tower.

This year, we’ll revamp and redesign the WKND blog. (Maybe we should apologize in advance — we’re about to provide the undergraduate community with the perfect procrastination tool.) Pithy blurbs and music reviews and posts about food will flood the world wide web.

We pledge to follow in the footsteps of our predecessors, of course. But we’re going to get snarkier, and we’re going to publish more fiction and narrative non-fiction. We’re going to keep experimenting and pushing the envelope. Why else does anyone read WKND?

Above all, WKND aims to be a safe space. We won’t bulldoze that wacky idea of yours. Instead, we’ll help it along. We’ll encourage all those crazy trains of thought, even at 2 a.m. on a Thursday night. Because perfection has no place in the WKND lounge: Perfection requires total stillness and we’re moving forward, towards the future.