Are you Sirius? Blue State Coffee updated its Facebook status yesterday with a meme of Daniel Radcliffe captioned “Espresso Patronum.” “A little Tuesday afternoon #HarryPotter humor never hurts…” the status read, a statement which is actually not at all true.

Invitation to heckle. William Deresiewicz is on campus for a Master’s Tea.

Making meese. You might be having a dry spell at the moment, but the moose in Connecticut are single and ready to mingle. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has advised motorists to watch out for increased moose activity because moose mating season runs from now through the end of next month. The state’s moose population is still relatively small, at 100, so please leave the moose lovers be.

Unbeetable. Red velvet cupcakes are back at Claire’s Corner Copia. And yes, they are flavored with organic beet’s for anyone who doubted Claires commitment to serving the most hipster food this side of Book Trader

World War III. The Office of International Students & Scholars is hosting game night tonight. Risk is likely to take on a whole different flavor when played in a room full of internationals.

Up in smoke. The BAR and Caseus crossover pizza last night was “Smoke Show” — a smoke box barbecue pizza with smoked tomatoes and crispy chicken skins.

Surprise paintball! Cornell students have been getting hit by paintballs in a series of drive-by’s in Ithaca according to IvyGate. The only description of the culprit is that his vehicle is a dark colored sedan. The case has been taken on by the local police, though no students have been seriously injured. “So even if other Ivies might make fun of Cornell for its rustic sensibilities, at least Ithaca has crime statistics that would make Yale jealous,” according to IvyGate.

Where the cultured were. The Brentano String Quartet performed Tuesday night in the Morse Recital Hall.

Sisters from another Ivy League school. During Princeton’s sorority recruitment process this year, two hundred and eight-three women participated. Princeton also has chapters of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Alpha Gamma and Pi Phi.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY  1961 The Russian Club holds an opening event featuring a Soviet film.

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