This was the soundtrack to your youth. Every time one of these comes on, you are morally required to sing/scream along in honor of your not-so-glorious youth.

1. All The Small Things — blink-182

Then: You held hands with your sixth grade crush while this played.

Now: You dance to this in the basement at SAE Late Night.

2. In Da Club — 50 Cent

Then: You were effing gangstah.

Now: You are ironically gangster.

3. Wannabe — Spice Girls

Then: Dancing with your gal pals.

Now: Dancing drunk with your gal pals.

4. I Want It That Way — Backstreet Boys

Then: This was the song you were ashamed to be caught listening to.

Now: A staple of drunken karaoke with da boyz.

5. A Thousand Miles — Vanessa Carlton

Then: The reason you asked for piano lessons. Also the reason you quit.

Now: When that piano hook comes on though…You also can’t stop picturing Terry Crews singing this in White Chicks, and you’re a little scarred.

6. Ignition (Remix) — R Kelly

Then: Just a catchy tune.

Now: The official theme song of dartying. This is still the best song ever and makes every one of my party playlists. Totally still counts as a throwback.

7. Crazy In Love — Beyoncé

Then: “If Beyoncé and Jay-Z got together, they would be the most AWESOME power couple!!!”

Now: Bow down, bitches.

8. Hot in Herre — Nelly

Then: You thought you were really sexy. You definitely hadn’t gone through puberty yet.

Now: You think you are really sexy. You are definitely just sweaty.

9. I Want Candy — Aaron Carter

Then: Aaron Carter was hot shit. You could not touch that.

Now: You can now touch that at Toad’s. You elect not to.

10. Oops!…I Did It Again — Britney Spears

Then: This was the first song you memorized all the words to. You also wanted a man to get the Titanic necklace from the bottom of the ocean for you.

Now: You still want that necklace. You do not want that man to be K-Fed.