Win a date with William Deresiewicz. A producer from Huffington Post Live emailed Yalies yesterday looking for someone to appear on a segment with a certain Ivy-bashing former professor. The segment will air today at 4:30 p.m. and will likely address such questions as “Can the Ivy League be reformed?” and “Has this been debated to death yet?”

Study parties maybe? The University of Pennsylvania was named America’s top party school by Playboy proving the irrelevance of that publication as UPenn is not even the heaviest drinking college in the Ivy League (see Hanover). In fact MTV ran a piece titled “Why These Ivy Leaguers Are Confused About Being Named Playboy’s #1 Party School.” To offer context, UPenn is the school that GrubHub named “Most Polite College.”

The colors are coming. The forecast for fall foliage is all shades of red, orange and yellow! According to a piece from AccuWeather, the 2014 summer season has created the perfect climate for a spectacular color display this autumn in the Northeast. Throughout July and August, trees had a growing season without major disturbances. Cool, dry weather for the next two months will be ideal for turning New Haven into the perfect admissions brochure cover photo.

Did you laugh? Yale College Council hosted Open Mic Night on Wednesday. If anything has been a hallmark of YCC President Michael Herbert’s ’16 term so far, it has been his stand-up comedy approach to YCC social media. It remains to be seen if Herbert’s off-kilter humor will seep over to the traditionally questionable college-wide open mic.

Your childhood hero (from your nerdy politically oriented childhood). Considering the number of Joshua Lyman wannabe’s on campus, it was only a matter of time before Bradley Whitford, the West Wing star, visited campus. Whitford, who played the charming and witty White House deputy chief of staff, will be around Thursday evening for a Master’s Tea.

Mother Yale. Yale University was named one of Working Mother magazine’s best 100 companies to work for in the nation, for the fifth year in a row.

Elections are the worst, right? One hundred and three candidates are competing in elections for Harvard’s Undergraduate Council, according to the Harvard Crimson. There are 44 open spots.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1985 The Divinity School organizes a field trip to Cuba for cultural exchange.

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