In a brief distraction from the challenges of running the University, senior administrators took to College Street to recreate the cover of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album. The stunt was part of an effort to convince students to use crosswalks. The photo of the group will be used in a promotional poster.

“Yale’s Office of Environmental Heath & Safety (EHS) wants you to follow the lead of the Beatles when you cross the streets around campus,” University Spokesman Tom Conroy said in a statement.

The photo included Salovey, Polak, Chief of Police Ronnell Higgins and Associate Professor Kirsten Bechtel, who chairs the Traffic Safety Committee.

The group took pains to recreate the photo, but also to eliminate any bad influences.

“Salovey, who took the time to remove his shoes and socks, mimics Paul McCartney, except for the cigarette Sir Paul was holding,” Conroy said. “Salovey points a finger downward in lieu of the cigarette.”

Polak, meanwhile, wore a white suit to emulate John Lennon.

“Higgins, as the casually dressed George Harrison, donned denim for the occasion,” Conroy said.

Yet to be made public is when the group’s next album will be released.