Window shopping. Instead of refreshing Facebook in class like most people during shopping period, a student sat knitting on the left side of the room during “Biochemistry and Biophysics” Wednesday morning. The course is an introductory lecture that meets twice a week in Sheffield Sterling Strathcona 114.

Bit of a fixer upper. Connecticut’s oldest inn was featured in this week’s episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hotel Hell.” The celebrity chef stopped at the Curtis House Inn in Woodbury, which was built nearly three centuries ago and has become increasingly derelict. Ramsay aided the hotel owners — siblings TJ and Chris Hardisty — with a menu update, adding a braised short rib, as well as new paint and linens. The Hardisty brothers expect plenty of business for the fall, according to Fox CT.

Where the Wild Things Are. A bobcat that attacked several Connecticut residents over the weekend was determined to be rabid, according to NBC CT. The bobcat acted aggressively towards multiple families including a couple with a baby in Lebanon, Conn. Officials have raised concerns because bobcats have been seen in many towns around Connecticut.

Snyder’s Palace. The Yale SOM building, Edward P. Evans Hall, came in first on Business Insider’s list of the “9 Best University Buildings Around the World.” The article described the building’s architecture as a “rectilinear jewel box of a home” and a “glass envelope.”

Happy birthday Guilford! The town of Guilford, Conn. is celebrating its 375th anniversary this month. The town was originally purchased by English Puritans from the Menunkatuck in 1639 for the price of four kettles, two coats and miscellaneous wares including glasses, shoes, stockings, hats, knives and spoons according to an article in the Daily Nutmeg. New Haven was founded 17 months prior.

Teachers’ pets. The Yale Educator Awards were given out this week to 53 high school teachers and 20 counselors who inspired their students.

Food for fuel. At Brown University this past weekend, students competed in an Extreme Edible Car Competition. Six teams of participants were given one hour to build miniature cars from edible ingredients. This is the fourth iteration of the annual competition, hosted by Brown’s Society of Women Engineers.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1942 Eighty one Elis report for farm duty at local gardens and orchards as part of a war support effort.

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