Pizza perfect. The Daily Meal released their 2014 rankings of the 101 Best Pizzas in America on Wednesday, and five New Haven pizzerias made the list. Frank Pepe came in 1st place for the second year in a row for its White Clam Pizza. Sally’s Apizza took 7th place for its Tomato Pie, and Modern Apizza took the no. 11 spot for its Italian Bomb.

“Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: A Memoir,” the tell-all from former Dartmouth SAE member Andrew Lohse, was released Thursday. The book repeats Lohse’s prior detailing of the fraternity’s hazing rituals involving vomit omelets and bodily fluids. Interestingly, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Lohse described a “true bro” as “good-looking, preppy, charismatic, excellent at cocktail parties, masculine, intelligent, wealthy (or soon to become so), a little bit rough around the edges” and not a “douchey, super-polished Yalie.”

Playing admissions office. This year was no exception to the biannual bloodbath of residential college seminar applications. John Paul Rollert’s “Leadership and Politics” course received 120 applications for 18 spots. Nicholas Conway said he believes around 75 students applied for 18 spots in his “Hip Hop Music and Culture” course.

Sorry freshmen. Fall tryout season is underway for Yale’s many mildly elitist extracurriculars. The rush period for a cappella has been ongoing since Sunday. Yale Debate Team and Yale Mock Trial tryouts are being held this weekend and MUNTY tryouts will be next week. Auditions are also underway for the Dramat’s three fall plays.

Beyond cheese. Thursday nights are now Hot Dog Night at Caseus, which is stepping outside its comfort zone of cheeses to offer items such as a Chicago Dog. The Chicago Dog on the menu last night was served in a brioche bun with heirloom tomatoes and house made pickles.

Greek, but not High Street. The 34th Odyssey, a Greek festival, is being held this weekend outside St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange and features traditional foods, live music and dancing as well as a Greek marketplace, cooking demonstrations and magic shows.

At other Ivies, other parties. California-based rapper Schoolboy Q will be the headliner at Princeton’s fall Lawnparties.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1994  Nearly $30 million is spent on summer campus renovations and students return to find dorms with new bathrooms and a renovated Broadway Avenue.