Awkward Family Photos! The Class of 2018 was treated to a photo booth set up by Yale College for their first weekend on campus, resulting in hundreds of photos of students and their parents, ranging from the charming to the hilarious.

Emmys Roundup. Yale-affiliated nominees for the Emmys, held on Monday, include Claire Danes ’02 (“Homeland”) for best lead actress and Angela Basset ’80 DRA ’83 (“American Horror Story”) for best supporting actress. Several other Yalies were nominated for best guest actor and actress — Paul Giamatti ’89 DRA ’94 (“Downton Abbey”), Reginald Cathey DRA ’81 (“House of Cards”), Dylan Baker DRA ’85 (“The Good Wife”) and Kate Burton ’82 (“Scandal”). Finally, Jodie Foster ’85 was nominated for directing, Larry Kramer ’57 for writing, and Pedro Kos ’01 for editing.

Are you a sheep? Former Yale professor William Deresiewicz’s most recent book “Excellent Sheep” hit the bookstands last week and is a takedown of the Ivy League experience. Deresiewicz criticizes the excessive résumé padding and limited post-graduate pathways for students at elite universities and according to the New York Times Sunday Book Review, “Much of his dystopian description rings true.”

Following the yellow brick road… The New Haven Free Public Library celebrated the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” on Monday, a film originally released August 25, 1939. The Library hosted three separate screenings for noon, afternoon and evening.

Alaskan Politics. At the recent primaries in Alaska, Forrest Dunbar LAW ’12 pulled a stunning victory and won the Democratic nomination for Alaska’s single congressional seat. Dunbar used the slogan “Run Forrest Run” for his campaign. Two Yale alums — Joe Miller LAW ’95 and Mead Treadwell ’78 — meanwhile lost the U.S. Senate Republican primary to a Harvard graduate, Dan Sullivan.

Words to live by. The Cornell Daily Sun published a choice bit of advice to incoming freshmen in the form of a student op-ed titled “Don’t Eat at Okenshields” by David Fischer. Okenshields is a Cornell dining hall that according to Fischer does not serve any consistently decent food. “I’m not going to repeat what you’ve all been told about getting involved and signing up for as many clubs as you can. My advice: Don’t go to Okenshields,” Fischer writes.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY Aug 27, 1942 Branford defeats Jonathan Edwards in intramural touch football with a final score of 30–24. Silliman wins a golf match against Timothy Dwight by a narrow margin, clinching their hold on the golf championship. Silliman also defeats Timothy Dwight in baseball.

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