On Monday, the New Haven Police Department reported the fifth and sixth shootings since May 10 marking a spike in urban violence.

Nine victims were injured in these incidents, including the city’s seventh homicide victim this year. One, 44 year-old Otis Powell, succumbed to his wounds at Yale-New Haven Hospital after he was shot at around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

“Powell had suffered several gunshot wounds to his upper body,” NHPD spokesman David Hartman said in a Saturday press release. “Powell was shot in or just outside the doorway to the ‘This Custom Design’ print shop, located at [465 Winthrop Ave.]”

The most recent case took place at around 10 p.m. on Monday night and left three victims with gunshot injuries. All three have been upgraded to stable condition at least since they were found at 1378 Quinnipiac Ave., roughly 3 miles from Yale’s campus.

A May 10 incident also involved multiple victims. That night, police found 35 year-old Frager Thomas and 21 year-old Damar Thomas with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds near Daisy St. and Gem St.

“They said at least one of the men fired several shots at them, hitting them both,” Hartman said in a release for the case. “Robbery does not appear to have been the motive.”

Three other single-victim shootings took place in the nine days that followed. Each victim was alert and responsive immediately after being attacked, but one, 39 year-old Ocktable Jones, was resistant. Hartman reported that the victim attempted to remove a gun holster from his waistband after police found him on May 13 and was generally uncooperative before going into surgery later that day.

Jones’ criminal record included firearm assault and drug charges, Hartman added.

Many of the cases appear to have involved shooters that were in cars at the time based on evidence gathered from victims. Still, investigators have yet to identify official suspects for any of the crimes.

“Detectives worked throughout the night conducting witness interviews,” Hartman said in a Tuesday morning release. “The tasks ahead for investigators include corroborating the testimonies and examining the collected forensic evidence.”

NHPD detectives are set to hold a briefing session sometime Tuesday afternoon to review any existing leads, Hartman added.