High school senior Kwasi Enin of Long Island, New York — who received national attention after garnering acceptance letters from all eight Ivy League schools — announced on Wednesday that he will attend Yale.

Enin made the much-anticipated announcement in an afternoon press conference at his local high school, William Floyd High School, where he was flanked by family, friends and teachers.

As news of his success spread after the eight selective colleges released their regular decision announcements in late March, Enin’s academic and extracurricular profile quickly became public knowledge. The son of nurses who moved to America from Ghana in the 1980s, Enin scored a 2,250 on the SAT out of a possible 2,400. He also was ranked 11th in his class out of 647 students. In addition, Enin was involved in student government, a cappella, and drama.

Despite applying to Princeton under the school’s early action program, Enin said he had always been leaning towards Yale. Enin said he applied to all eight Ivy League schools in order to hedge his bets.

“By applying to all eight, I figured it would better the chances of getting into one,” he told the New York Daily News in April.

The Long Island senior said he chose Yale because of the school’s strong programs in both music and biomedical engineering. Enin added that he hopes to be a doctor after graduating from college.

Enin’s news comes on the heels of a decision by California high school senior Akintunde Ahmad, who publicly announced on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that he is picking Yale over Brown and Columbia, the two other Ivy League schools that accepted him.

Admitted students have until May 1 to decide whether or not to matriculate to Yale.