A second opinion. Rumpus Magazine, Yale’s beloved tabloid, has released its endorsements for this year’s YCC elections. The piece was titled “Rumpus for YCC President and all YCC offices ever,” and opened with the line “Do we have to?” before calling the four presidential candidates  “equally underwhelming.” The piece further posed the question, “did everyone need a campaign video?”

Stay home. The Politic is endorsing no one.

Lights out. A trailer has been released for an upcoming sci-fi adventure book by Madeleine Henry ’14 titled Blackout. The novel chronicles the trials of sixteen-year-old Phoenix Troublefield in a futuristic America divided after a worldwide blackout. Henry is a Psychology major and wrote her senior essay on the popularity of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book series.

Election season. Voting has already begun at Columbia University, where three students are running for Student Government Association president. Meanwhile, two students are in the running for undergraduate student government president at Princeton.

New beginnings. Dartmouth and Brown recently concluded their elections for student government: 2,376 people voted at Dartmouth and 2,991 at Brown. Last year, 725 people voted for Yale College Council president.

Game of Thrones. Ezra Stiles College held their Medieval (K)Night this weekend. In addition to a Grand Feast featuring medieval cuisines, students of the college were treated to a pig roast in the court yard, inflatables, and jousting among other antics. On Saturday, swarms of Stiles students “invaded” other college carrying shields and wearing armor.

No comment from Coursera. At hogwartsishere.com, users can now participate in massive open online courses in subjects such as Herbology and Defense Against the Dark Arts. The site also includes a role-playing component, and participants can even write for a student newspaper, titled the Daily Owl.

Asking the hard questions. Yale College Council presidential hopeful Ben Ackerman ’16  has created a BuzzFeed-style quiz titled “yccquiz.” The first question involves choosing  “the optimal bagel size,” and most quiz results are (twist!) some variation of “Vote for Ben Ackerman.” The quiz also features pictures of the candidate’s face pasted onto various celebrity figures.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2010 IvyGate describes the YCC election as “crazy” due to the personalities of the four candidates. The publication endorsed Courtney “Coco” Pannell ’11.

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