Connor Feeley ’16 said he hopes to economize YCC’s expenses as the organization’s finance director.

After serving as a Timothy Dwight College representative on Freshman Class Council last year, Feeley joined YCC this fall as a representative for Timothy Dwight and also took on the newly created position of Internal Affairs Manager in November. As finance director, Feeley said he would use his administrative experience to guarantee that YCC is operating as efficiently as possible from a financial perspective.

“[This job] involves going over every expense that YCC has traditionally had in the past and reevaluating and determining whether they add value for the campus,” Feeley said.

Feeley said he would aim to utilize YCC’s newly established business team more effectively. For example, the team should communicate with local businesses about partnership deals for Yale students, he said.

He added that he would also consider reallocating YCC funds so that more funding can be allocated to student organizations.

More of the money YCC currently uses for internal expenses should be devoted to other organizations and causes around campus, Feeley said, adding that this initiative would require YCC to operate on less money.

Currently, 50 percent of YCC funds go to student organizations and club sports.

In addition, Feeley said he wants to be involved in the procedure by which Yale determines financial aid and to be “a liaison” between students and the administration on issues of financial aid.

While Internal Affairs Manager, Feeley said he learned to “take care of the administrative tasks that make YCC run.” He cited organizing council agendas and communicating with different representatives and members of the management board as some of the experience he gained.

Megan Ruan ’17, a member of YCC’s Events Committee, said Freeley always responds to other council members’ concerns in a prompt manner, is very organized and can “get things done.”

Madeline Bauer ’17, a YCC representative for Calhoun College, described Freeley as a very competent member of the council, especially when it comes to sending out weekly emails detailing the state of YCC’s internal affairs.

“He’s a really positive presence,” she said.

YCC’s current finance director is Leigh Hamilton ’15.

A previous version of this article referred to the Freshman Class Council incorrectly.