On Thursday afternoon, Rachel Tobin ’15 and Joshua Barrett ’15 were announced as the co-secretaries of the senior class council and Sandra Medrano ’15 as the treasurer. The election results came in an email from the Associate Dean for Student Organizations and Physical Resources John Meeske to the class of 2015.

The actual elections for the senior class council leadership positions were in the last week of February, said Barrett, adding that he was unsure why there was such a delay in notifying his classmates of the result.

Medrano said Meeske had emailed the three students on March 4, notifying them on their victory.

In that email, Meeske congratulated the students and told them that he “will soon write to all of your classmates to inform them of the results of the election.” He added that the students should plan on meeting with him sometime after spring break to talk about plans for next year. Still, Medrano said this meeting has yet to happen.

Unlike similar leadership positions in the other class councils, students elected as secretary or treasurer for the senior class council retain this responsibility until their class’s five-year reunion. As alumni, Barrett said he and Tobin will write notes to the Yale Alumni Magazine notifying the publication of some of the more extraordinary or interesting accomplishments of his classmates. He added that they will also plan the Five-Year reunion in conjunction with University administrators. Medrano said she will likely have the responsibility of ensuring that her classmates donate money for the reunion and also additional side-events in the coming years.

Despite having never served in student government at Yale, Medrano said she is excited to have this opportunity. She added that she thought this role would be a good opportunity for her to remain connected with the University after she graduated.

Barrett echoed Medrano’s sentiment of excitement. In addition to planning some of the senior class’s annual events such as the Masquerade Ball or Casino Night, Barrett said he is excited to implement some other signature events.

“Ultimately our goal is to be make senior year as fun as possible and bring the class as close together as possible,” he said.

Both Tobin and Barrett served on Junior Class Council as president and vice-president respectively.