Spring Fling fare. As part of last night’s weekly BAR and Caseus crossover, the two restaurants produced a pizza called the “Spring Fling.” The pie, described as a “lighter bit of deliciousness to welcome in these first days of spring,” is topped with feta, olive tapenade and spinach.

Free froyo. To celebrate the victory of the UConn Huskies over the Kentucky Wildcats, Froyoworld is giving out free frozen yogurt today. The first 100 customers on Wednesday will receive free 8 ounce cups of froyo. Sixteen locations are participating across Connecticut.

Publication nation. Yet another student publication has popped up on the crowded campus scene — The Boola. The site promises “No reviews on hipster bands. No sociopolitical analysis of foreign countries. No academic articles on microscopic molecules.” Instead it offers Buzzfeed-like articles including: “8 signs You Went to Boarding School,” “8 Studying Tips from Phi Beta Kappa” and “6 Fun New Haven Dining Options.”

Mindblowing menus. A recent list from Motovo has ranked the 15 New Haven restaurants that “Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth.” Number one on the list is Tikkaway Grill on Orange Street. The list also included the usual suspects: Barcelona, The Pantry, Zinc, Prime 16, Union League and Caseus. Mamoun’s also  received some recognition. “Where else can you dive into an immaculately crunchy falafel stuffed with delicious beef cooked to perfection at 2:30 a.m.?” the piece asked about the falafel vendor.

When one door closes… The Slifka Center has shuttered its door for Passover. Yale’s favorite residential dining hall alternative will not reopen until Friday for a special Passover Shabbat dinner. At least it’s Restaurant Week in New Haven.

Ivy status. The Columbia Spectator recently ran an opinion column addressing the publicity high school student Kwasi Enin has received for being accepted to every single Ivy League. The piece makes the point that applicants are often blinded by the brand name appeal of Ivy League schools. “But not every top student belongs at an Ivy League school, at an inward-looking tribe groaning with historical and ideological baggage,” the piece said.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1990 Pierson deports a number of wild cats that have taken up residence in the college. The litter was born in the courtyard over the summer and never left.

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