The Berkeley Divinity School, a partner of Yale Divinity School, has appointed a new Dean – Andrew McGowan.

McGowan will take up the position of President and Dean of BDS, along with that of Associate Dean for Anglican Studies at YDS. He is currently Warden of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne. McGowan, an Anglican priest and historian, is slated to come to New Haven in August.
Previously, he was lecturer at the University of Notre Dame Australia and Associate Professor of Early Christian History at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
In a press release, YDS Dean Gregory Sterling said that he is “thrilled” that McGowan will be joining both BDS and YDS.
“He is a talented scholar, a capable and experienced administrator, and a dedicated priest,” Sterling said.
McGowan will be taking the place of Joseph H. Britton, whose deanship lasted 11 years.