High school senior Kwasi Enin of Long Island, New York has made national headlines for receiving acceptance letters from all eight members of the Ivy League. Enin told the Wall Street Journal that he was “shocked” upon hearing that he was accepted to every school, adding that he had never heard of another student ever being accepted by the entire Ivy League.

Upon hearing of their student’s remarkable success, teachers at Enin’s school William Floyd High School were prompt in spreading Enin’s success story to other educators and media outlets.

“It is an honor having seen him grow up over the years and how he has inspired so many other students,” said Barbara Butler, Enin’s principal. She added that his acceptance rate was “truly a feat.”

Stephen Friedfeld, co-founder of AcceptU, a college admissions counseling group, said to the Wall Street Journal today that Enin was a “rockstar” in the college admissions world, adding that he has only known of one other student — a family friend — who had gotten into every Ivy League school.

Given the intense media scrutiny, it is unsurprising that Enin’s college profile has been well publicized. An excellent student, he scored a 2,250 on the SATs and had a strong list of extracurriculars including participation in student government, school plays and an a capella group.

Enin, who got into Princeton as an early applicant, said he researched each of these schools thoroughly because each school can be dramatically different from one another. Although he has not made a decision, he said Princeton has given him the most financial aid thus far. Still, he told Newsday that he would cross Long Island Sound to study at Yale. After his undergraduate years, Enin said he hopes to study medicine.

Five Ivy League schools — Yale, Brown, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton — recorded all-time low admissions rates this year while Harvard and Columbia saw minimal change from last year’s acceptance rates. Only Dartmouth admit rate edged up about a point because its total application pool this year contracted by about 15 percent.