BiP, the street artist formerly known as Believe in People, has illegally worked on another Yale building.

Sometime last night, the artist used caulk to mount a plaque to the outside wall of the Yale Art Gallery facing York St. The plaque was a faux historical marker explaining the graffiti of a fictional Sam Dilvan during his “Ballz Period.” The text of the plaque reads:

National Register of Historic Places.

This plaque marks the site on which Sam Dilvan used a felt marker to scrawl the minimalist yet emotionally complex tag “BOOBZ”, preceding such works of artistic genius as “ASS BUTT” and “GILF MAGNET”. This occurred during his oft-celebrated “BALLZ” Period. Although the original is no longer visible, Dilvan’s penchant for using words carelessly throughout his environment remains a guiding force in modern society and culture.

The piece was taken down almost immediately after BiP took credit on his Twitter account at around 10 AM.

BiP had announced he was leaving New Haven in early February to make room for other street artists.