Food-related feelings. Sophomores in Ezra Stiles college were treated to a rather eccentric study break from the Chaplaincy Fellows. At “Jelly Doughnuts and Journaling” last night, students got doughnuts, hot chocolate and a chance to write in their journals, presumably to make sense of all their doughnut-related feelings.

Everything and the kitchen sink basically is up for grabs at the Yale Law School’s charity auction this week. Professor J.L. Pottenger and Frank Dineen are hosting “Celtic Whiskey Night.” Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld are auctioning off a poker night at their house. Professor Vicki Schultz is offering a “swimming party, in Professor Schultz’ heated indoor swimming pool.” Economics professor Fiona Morton is available for a “coffee hour in which the winner gets to receive any microeconomics explanation he or she wants.” A Ruth Bader Ginsburg bobblehead is also being featured, among other priceless items befitting the nation’s top law school.

Southern comfort. The Southern Society hosted a Mardi Gras celebration Wednesday night at Toad’s yesterday with a Mardi Gras celebration. Who knew Southern hospitality meant a dance party at Toad’s Place?

Paint by numbers. As part of its newest STEM+Arts initiative, the Yale University Art Gallery is starting STEM Sketching Sessions. The sketching courses will teach skills applicable to drawing engine blueprints, human anatomy, as well as graphs of multivariable functions. The real question is: When will Sterling Chemistry Laboratory offer a session to teach humanities majors how to create works of art using chemicals?

Talk… or performance art? The School of Art was treated to an avant-garde lecture on Wednesday with video artist Shana Moulton, who presented on her “psychedelic blend of photography, computer animation, opera and performance.”

From NYC to Cambridge. Harvard University announced that former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg would be their 363rd commencement speaker. No word yet on if any college can snag Bill de Blasio.

Egg-streme measures. A package containing suspicious material prompted emergency responses at Princeton this week. Twenty people were evacuated, four were quarantined. Fortunately, the substance turned out to be harmless powdered eggs.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY  1975 The Delta Kappa Epsilon house is purchased by the Association of Yale Alumni.

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A previous version of this post misspelled Jed Rubenfeld and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.