Baby penguins. The Whiffenpoofs selected their newest class this weekend. On the list of fourteen names were six previous members of The Duke’s Men, three former Alley Cats, two prior Shades members, and one each from Living Water, the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus and Redhot & Blue.

YaleTube. Add another jewel to Yale’s YouTube crown. Yale Medical School students have created a music video parody of Beyoncé’s “Partition.” The video featured students dancing and lip-synching in hospital exam rooms. The lyrics, all with a med school spin, include: “He took all my vitals, yeah he wrote them down. He perfectly Bates’ draped my backless gown.” Not surprisingly, the video was accompanied by a brief guide to medical terms include the fact that Bates refers to the commonly used physical exam textbook.

The Largest Lecture Ever Taught. Professor Robert Shiller’s online course, “Financial Markets,” has received over 100,000 sign-ups from around the world. This makes it the most successful business ‘Massive Online Open Course’ ever, according to The Washington Post, so picture his current “Introduction to Macroeconomics” class times a thousand or so.

Dinner, with a side of iPad minis. The Final Cut competition for Yale Dining is being held today in Commons. Teams from each residential dining hall will compete to take the Final Cut trophy back to their respective college. Attendees will also enjoy food from vendors giving out samples. Evidently, mini iPads will also be given away.

Insomnia, no cookies. The New York Times’ Ask Well column recently featured Meir H. Kryger, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine. Kryger discussed an issue that is relevant to probably all medical students — sleep. “Worrying about being awake only makes the problem worse,” according to the column. Kryger also recommended not napping for more then 20 minutes and to not “lie there in anguish staring at your clock.”

Confessions of an Ivy League rebel. The Dartmouth recently released a feature exploring a local tattoo parlor in Hanover, titled “I Ink … Therefore I Am.” Owner Scott Ibey said that the Dartmouth students who come “are usually nervous and appear more out of their element than his typical clientele.” He added that many students seem worried about hiding their tattoos from their parents.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1929 Yale debaters lose their match against Vassar. The topic debated with international arbitration.

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