All aboard the Hogwarts Express! The Sophomore Class Council hosted their annual Harry Potter Week last week, filling Yale’s courtyards and colleges with magic and fantasy. Forget the movie marathon, the greatest week of everybody’s lives also included a Quidditch Workshop and a Tri-Wizard Trivia Tournament. In Tri-Wizard Tournament tradition, the Yule Ball was held Saturday in Davenport College.

Potions. Oaxaca Kitchen hosted specials for National Margarita Day this Saturday. Their offerings include Coconut, Blueberry and a creation called the Chiporita.

Fifteen going on sixteen. La Casa brought the Quinceañera tradition, the celebration of a young woman’s fifteenth birthday, to campus this Saturday. The affair titled QuinceYALEa was recreated in the Ezra Stiles dining hall, featuring Erica Yurvati ’15 accompanied by a court of damas and chambelanes. The semi-formal celebration included dancing, music, food and an after-party.

Cutting it down. The teams have been announced for this year’s Final Cut competition. The Silliman team took their photo with no shirts on. From the Berkeley team, Angela Ning ’14 said her favorite thing to prepare is “the blood of [her] opponents.” The Jonathan Edwards team includes Caitlin Purdome ’17 who said if she were a Yale dining dish, she would be “potato pie because what is inside [her] is a mystery.”

Fixing fraud. According to a recent piece in the New York Daily News, Yale professor Ian Ayres has started a project to help those who were cheated by Jordan Belfort, who was the inspiration for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The Belfort Victims Fund was kicked off with a $22 donation from Ayres himself. The amount he says reflects what he paid for two movie tickets to the film, which made him think about how watching the film was indirectly deriving happiness from the misfortunes of others.

Facebook’s founding. The Harvard Crimson released a piece about the current state of Mark Zuckerberg’s old dorm room, from 2004, in Kirkland House. Seven other students live in the suite now, none of whom has yet managed to turn a dorm room company into a billion-dollar company. Strangers have apparently entered the suite before to have drinks in celebration of Facebook’s decade anniversary.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1967 Joseph P. McDermott ’67 successfully trades places with his twin Edward, who attends Harvard. The swap was merely for fun, and lasted for a week. The two hitch-hiked to each other’s campuses, and took each other’s classes.

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