Following last week’s Blindest Date contest, WKND presents to you our next slate of bachelors and bachelorettes. This week, with input from our readers, we’re matching those seeking the same sex to their soul mates. We’ve got language lovers, Girl Scout Cookie aficionados and extreme hockey fans — all the makings of a happily ever after. Head online to vote for your favorites after reading, and commence the love!


Bachelor #1:

Major: Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering

Interests: Power lifting, D.J.’ing, MUSIC, orchestra, and Air Force ROTC.

Hidden talents: Holding a plank for 12 minutes. I can also twerk.

Reality TV kindred spirit: Beyoncé really isn’t a reality TV star, but if I had to choose a kindred spirit, it would be her. A thousand times.

Looking for: A sweet guy who likes to work out and be goofy (but not at the same time of course … safety first!)

Bachelor #2:

Major: Anthropology

Interests: I love to travel, to get out and explore, also being a homebody, too. Almost wherever, I like taking amateurish photos without people in them, reading, listening to music, trying to write. Also interested in language, economic anthropology and the ways we feel we have to justify ourselves to others.

Hidden talents: Ballroom dancing (cha cha and rumba are my best), but I can be pretty crazy at Toad’s, too.

Reality TV kindred spirit: Capt. Sig Hansen from Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” — a crab fisherman who’s tough, competent, who knows where he’s from, who stands saucy in the face of doom and cold.

Looking for: I appreciate a gentle person, who is able to listen, intelligent but with no need to talk about it, open-minded — rough around the edges is just more interesting.

Bachelor #3:

Major: Spanish and French

Interests: I’m intensely passionate about languages, but they aren’t my only love. I am also interested in Invisible Children, Broadway (did someone say Pippin?) and all things queer!

Reality TV kindred spirit: Colton Haynes (OK, maybe not reality TV but who could turn that down?)

Looking for: I’d love to meet a person with whom I could watch TV shows that feature devastatingly attractive people (e.g.: let me get you into “Arrow” or “Looking”; I promise you won’t regret it). I’d also love to have a conversation in which I could use my hidden talent for ASL #ididsayilovedlanguages.

Bachelor #4:

Major: Economics and Chemistry double major

Interests: Fan fiction, hockey, sass, investment banking and (did I mention?) hockey.

Hidden talents: I have a diverse group of talents, the greatest of which being my ability to go from a super serious, intelligent discussion about the current state of the economy to a sassy backhanded compliment faster than you can say “GDP.”

Reality TV kindred spirit: I’m not super into reality TV (unless you count hockey, in which case my kindred spirit would definitely be a hockey player. Gabriel Landeskog, anyone?) — but I could be into reality TV for the right person. 😉

Looking for: Someone who can make me laugh, keep up with my sass, and would be equally comfortable staying home cuddling or going out for a night of fun. Gotta shake things up sometimes.

Bachelor #5:

Major: History of Art and also pre-med.

Interests: I enjoy strolling through art galleries without the hindrance of time, weight lifting (started bodybuilding last year and have become progressively more serious) and sports nutrition, sports (football and particularly the San Francisco 49ers since I’m from there), having honest conversations about the human condition, watching romantic comedies, my work boots, collecting pillow pets and Pokémon.

Hidden talents: Not many people know this, but I can cook some mean Vietnamese dishes including pho, bún bò huê, and bánh xèo. As a bodybuilder with a decent amount of knowledge in personal training, I’ve been told I give awesome massages, too.

Reality TV kindred spirit: It would have to be Adrian from the MTV reality series “Scrubbing In.”

Looking for: Emotional honesty, lots of confidence in his beliefs and goals, loves his family and has a cheery outlook on life.

Bachelor #6:

Major: Political Science

Interests: Baking, $1 iced coffee from Atticus, writing, and playing the MMO version of Flappy Bird

Hidden talent(s): I have two: making myself cry on command, and stealing your Longest Road in Settlers of Catan.

Reality TV kindred spirit: Raja from season 3 of Rupaul’s Drag Race

What I’m Looking for in a Significant Other: Someone who will sing “Let It Go” with me. Someone for whom the name Idina Menzel means something. Someone who can name all 151 original Pokémon (and none of the shitty new ones). But really, most of all, I’m looking for someone who is fast enough to get us a reservation at Fortnight, because right now that’s all I want from life.

Bachelor #7:

Major: I enjoy saving lives and rescuing people from imminent danger — but not in the traditional way as a knight would; instead I’d like to think of myself as a T-cell lymphocyte to your surface membrane receptor — once we bind to each other, I will do all that I can to cure you of any sickness till death do us part — apoptosis and all. So yes, I’m an MCDB major.

Interests: … easy. Getting to know you … and we can take it from there.

Hidden talents: Well, for one thing, I’m … uh … “magical” — I’ll read your mind and make things disappear — but I promise I won’t make your clothes disappear on the first date. I also enjoy slamming poetry … onto the table where I’d do it all night long (as in writing it) — so I can pretty much tell you that for every wonderful memory we have together, I’ll be telling the world anonymously about how awesome you are. I’m an avid dancer of swing/blues — so I’ll make sure to sweep you off your feet on the dance floor under a dimly lit room until the beats of our hearts sing together in unison like two best friends in a church choir, arms around each others’ shoulders.

Reality TV kindred spirit: I’d like to make our lives a reality television show entitled, “Happily Ever After.”

Looking for: You gotta be “SMILES.” Sweet, Memorable, Intrepid, Logical, Easy-Going and Smiley. :)”

Bachelor #8:

Major: Chords. (No minors.)

Interests: running, usually from my problems.

Hidden Talent(s): Reciting poetry. I know a hundred lines or so, mostly English, all seductive.

Reality TV kindred spirit: I feel like there was this blonde guy on an episode of “Amish Mafia” who was almost Amish but not really. Awkward, right? But useful.

Looking for: A tall, dark glass of Guinness and a cowboy burger at Prime 16, with a man to match.

Bachelor #9:
Major: American Studies
Interests: Pop culture aficionado. Musical theater pundit. Big on smiling.
Hidden talents: inability to put in contacts, failure at team sports, difficulty whistling. Enjoys curating playlists for the gym almost as much as going to the gym.
Reality TV kindred spirit: Loathes reality TV, but will gladly watch a movie with you. Also glad to “watch a movie” with you.
Looking for: someone exciting to spend the rest of senior year with: someone who gets down at Woads and who spars in bed and in seminar.
Bachelor #10:

Major: Biochemistry, with a concentration in being hella fuckin’ gay

Interests: Staying up too late laughing with friends, theater, activism, eating, accidentally dancing in my underwear when there’s a tour group outside my window

Hidden Talents: Sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker, [Bachelor #__] all on his mouth like liquor

Reality TV Kindred Spirit: Jenna from 30 Rock (30 Rock is real, right?)

Looking for: Someone who is emotionally intelligent and not afraid to experience the highs and lows of life together.


Bachelorette #1:

Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Interests: Multiple TV shows, musicals, dancing, rugby, chilling with friends, cats

Hidden talents: I can juggle =)

Reality TV kindred spirit: Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know that’s not reality TV, but still…)

Looking for: Good times.

Bachelorette #2:

Major: I’m a (disgruntled) EEB major who’s probably only a few steps away from becoming a stereotypical mad scientist.

Interests: When I’m not on Science Hill, I’m interested in Homestuck soundtracks, sobbing over fictional characters, and cats.

Hidden talent(s): I can wow you with my talent of being able to cook (mostly).

Reality TV kindred spirit: While I can’t say that I know enough reality TV to have a kindred spirit, I do often feel like my life could probably make a good queer reality TV series.

Looking for: Fair warning that I don’t have much of a romantic streak — I’m mostly looking for a laidback person with whom I can watch TV and cuddle while snarfing junk food (at least the calories won’t count if we share).

Bachelorette #3:

Major: Pretending to work in the library

Interests: Lifetime Movies (but only the ones about Teen Moms), the color maroon, and figuring out what the word “postmodern” really means.

Hidden Talents: I can wiggle one of my ears and can sleep for more than 15 hours straight. (I’ve slept through earthquakes)

Reality TV Kindred Spirit: Tia and Tamera Mowry (Yes, both of them. They have froyo on every episode so obvi kindred spirits with me.)

Looking for: Someone who is willing to put up with me — trust me, that’s a lot to ask.

Bachelorette #4:

Major: The Sexuality of the Female Goddess

Interests: Theater, politically charged rants, theater, really good Sci-Fi/fantasy novels, theater, Arthurian Legend, and, lastly, theater

Hidden Talents: Tying clove hitch knots with stage rope like nobody’s business.

Reality TV Kindred Spirit: Gordon Ramsay

What I’m Looking for in a Significant Other: A high cuddle factor, a love of showtunes and indie rock, as well as an appreciation of the merits of sawdust.

Bachelorette #5:

Major: Economics, the crunchy-granola-save-the-world-end-poverty type.

Interests: Blues dancing, mountain hiking, feminist sci-fi and fantasy novels, getting creatively lost in interesting places.

Hidden talents: I can raise either eyebrow Colbert-style, sew a quilt and detect any Girl Scout Cookie sale within a half-mile radius. I’m also a professionally certified cuddle buddy.

Reality TV kindred spirit: The professional dancers on “Dancing with the Stars.” They love what they do and love to show it!

What I’m looking for: An adventurer, someone who’s passionate about things: social justice, 18th century Japanese poetry, whatever. I want someone to be silly and brave and fun with.

Bachelorette #6:

Major: I am a rare breed — a woman majoring in computer science!

Interests: I am all about female-empowerment. My interests range widely from deep discussions of the impact of bi-erasure to lighthearted conversations about “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” from reading Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” to writing my own novel about queer women who do awesome things.

Hidden talent(s): My (not-so-)hidden talent seems to be combating misogynistic douchebags who don’t respect me because of my gender.

Reality TV kindred spirit: Though I’m not exactly a huge consumer of reality TV, my television kindred spirit would probably be Lydia Martin from “Teen Wolf” — I’d certainly like to think of myself as hot, brilliant and kick-ass, at least.

Looking for: Friendship is the foundation for any great relationship … beyond that, well, isn’t that for us to discover?

Bachelorette #7:

Major: I am a true patriot, and I study America — mostly so that I can impress a sensitive and beautiful American woman one day!

Interests: When I’m not watching Pretty Little Liars, I’m probably thinking about how to empower others to unleash their dreams (nbd). I love dogs, and one day dream of having a mastiff so that my children can ride his back like a small pony.

Hidden Talent(s): One thing most people don’t know about me is that my mouth has magic powers: I can replicate the sound of a trumpet without actually having a trumpet in sight.

Reality TV kindred spirit: If I were a reality TV star, I would be Steve Irwin (RIP) because I dig danger and I’m not afraid of a little bite. 😉

Looking for: My ideal girl is funny, quirky, and ridiculously good-looking … or am I just describing myself? (I’m not, I am very #humble!).

Bachelorette #8:

Major: Global Affairs

Interests: psychology, traveling, writing, crying about fictional characters, listening to other people being really interested in things

Hidden talents: I have an almost-perfect memory for music and song lyrics, which might be useful if I weren’t completely tone-deaf.

Reality TV Kindred Spirit: Do cooking shows count as reality tv?

Looking for: Pretty much the same things I look for in a good friend (trustworthy, fun to talk to, willing to make a fool of yourself and to watch me make a fool of myself), but with more kissing. Bonus points if you like to cuddle.

Correction, Feb. 21: a previous version of this poll mislabeled bachelor #10’s profile.