Ghosts of Presidents Past. To celebrate President’s Day at Yale, the University put up an online album of five old photos of alumni who went on to occupy the highest seat in the nation. Highlights include George H. W. Bush ’48 hanging out with Babe Ruth on the baseball field, a head shot of George W. Bush ’68 that looks like the black-and-white equivalent of an awkward Yale ID photo and a picture of William Howard Taft 1878 when he returned to give a commencement speech in 1905, sporting a moustache to rival any facial hair of Salovey’s.

Gourmet eating at dining hall prices. Feel like an alum, pay like a student! Mory’s may now be within your price range. The tables down at Mory’s are now serving options ranging from $5 to $7, including a salad, a cheeseburger and fettuccine Bolognese. For comparison, lunch swipes to your regular dining hall are $8 in cash.

The new resident at 345 Temple St. Since the recent death of Timothy Dwight’s best golden retriever, Dixie McCormick, the courtyard has felt a bit empty. But now there’s a new furry face around the residential college, a fluffy white puppy by the name of Sasha McCormick. Sasha the Samoyed already has an active social media presence thanks to all the Yalies welcoming her to campus life.

End Days. Invitations to commencement were sent out by University Vice President Kimberly Goff-Crews today, eliciting reactions ranging from “No, please no!” to “Thank God at last!” among the Class of 2014. From now until May, the entire senior class is essentially walking one long commencement procession.

The solution to all your problems. Your problem sets, that is. Two Columbia sophomores invented an app called “The Homework Machine” at the Spring 2014 PennApps Hackathon this weekend. The robotic app scans problem set worksheets and writes out the answers in the student’s handwriting. Don’t tell Harvard.

Eating your way to artistic enlightenment. Ezra Stiles College is holding a series of special events for Art Week this week. Activities include sushi making and cake decorating, since food definitely qualifies as the highest form of art, along with more traditional art activities like a poetry reading, dance performances, and crafts.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1960 The Trumbull College Marble Club, dedicated to playing marbles, holds a black-tie banquet. The Captain leads his teammates through the dining hall in a snake dance in a highlight of the affair, before giving a speech on the psychology of marbles.

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