The committee to advise University President Peter Salovey on the selection of next deans of Yale College and the Graduate School will include two students.

On Tuesday, Salovey emailed Yale College Council President Danny Avraham ’15 and Graduate Student Assembly President Brian Dunican GRD ’16 asking that they each nominate a student to sit on the committee. The other 12 members of the committee will come from the faculty.

Salovey said he plans to announce the membership, charge and chair of the committee early next week.

“When I formally charge the committee, part of that charge will be to gather input broadly from faculty members and students,” Salovey said. “It is my hope that the individuals nominated by the YCC and GSA will assist in this endeavor, particularly in collecting input from students.”

The decision on whether to add a Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, who would be responsible for overseeing faculty, rests with Salovey and the Corporation The Yale Corporation. Should the Corporation decide to do so, the committee would advise on possible choices for that position as well.