Copies of the New York Times used to be available for free to students outside of Yale’s 12 residential college dining halls. But lately, the newspaper of record has been noticeably absent.

According to an email obtained by the News, the Yale President’s Office has been negotiating with the New York Times for the past several months to secure digital access to the newspaper for students instead of hard copies.

However, because these negotiations have been unsuccessful so far, Yale will begin offering hard copies of the New York Times to students again soon — though only temporarily.

“The negotiations with the Times, begun months ago, have now trespassed on term time, and so we will simply go back to providing the newspaper in paper form only, for now,” Joy McGrath, chief of staff for University President Peter Salovey, said in an email obtained by the News.

Nina Glickson, Advisor for Student Affairs at the President’s Office, said in an email that the office has been working to determine an arrangement so that the New York Times can reach as many members of the Yale community as possible “while still being cost effective.”