The Vegan Hunger Games. Yale is in the running to be named the “favorite vegan-friendly college” of PETA’s youth division, peta2. According to a press release, Yale is notable for “offering students delicious, healthy, cruelty-free food — including General Tso’s tofu and sweet potato quinoa burgers — that would be the envy of many upscale restaurants.” The release also noted that “fellow Ivy League school Cornell” is also still in the race.

Dancin’ Pants. On Wednesday, Chance the Rapper tweeted “do u think i should put out my own pants. like called chancepants.” Soon after, he began advertising the sale of “Chance Pants,” customized sweatpants available from his website. There is no dress code for Spring Fling, but maybe now there should be.

Going out or to outer space? Today marks the start of Movie Night at the Planetarium at the Leitner Observatory Planetarium at 355 Prospect St. The movie for tonight is “Deep Impact,” which is about the science and threat of asteroid impacts.

Beinecke wins again. The Beinecke has acquired two “Tyndale Bibles,” the first printed English translations of biblical texts consisting of the New Testament and the first five books of the Old Testament. The acquisitions will now join a collection containing fellow pieces of awe-inspiring yet drastically outdated volumes, all ironically sitting within the campus’s most shining example of modern architecture.

Radio rants. Conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham made comments during her program criticizing remarks made by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor during her talk to Yale Law School students Monday. Ingraham pointed out Sotomayor’s use of the term “undocumented immigrant” rather than “illegal alien,” commenting, “Why do we have a Supreme Court justice whose allegiance obviously goes to her immigrant family background and not to the U.S. Constitution?”

Not Carrie Mathison. Former CIA Clandestine Officer Robert Steele visited campus Thursday for a talk hosted by the Global Perspectives Society and The Politic where he discussed “ethics, intelligence and reality,” and tried to prove those three subjects are not mutually exclusive.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1967 Around 50 demonstrators protest outside the New Haven Post Office after David Mitchell is imprisoned for not cooperating with the draft. One woman holds up a sign in the snow which reads “Jail the war criminals, not David Mitchell.”

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