Even the logo is different.

On Tuesday night, Yale College Council Danny Avraham ’15 sent an email to the undergraduate student body announcing a “new vision for YCC.”

“The Yale College Council has frequently suffered from a reputation of inaction, inefficiency, and overall ineffectiveness,” Avraham wrote in the email, listing some specific flaws previously held by the YCC such as insufficient institutional memory, the inability to pursue long-term policy change and an inefficient internal structure.

The body of the message detailed many of the changes made by the Council since the start of the school year, including their embarking on over 60 projects, which range from amending the note-taking system in the Office of Disabilities to the implementation of minors, and the recent ratification of its revised constitution.

Avraham ended the message with an appeal to the student body to support, communicate with and pay attention to the Council’s activities. This, he wrote, would allow them to stay informed, have the opportunity to provide input and hold the group accountable for their actions.

The message links to a web page entitled “Reinventing Yale College Council,” which provides a more detailed explanation of the Council’s recent changes and activities. Avraham told the News Tuesday that this is also the name of the YCC’s rebranding campaign, of which the logo is just another piece.

“We wanted to freshen things up, keep it simple and keep the message clear,” Danny told the News. “We wanted a logo that could be used in many different forms but still be recognized as YCC’s.”

The new YCC constitution expanded the body’s Executive Board from six positions to ten positions — four of which are elected while the rest are appointed.