Good money/bad money. According to the New York Daily News, Yale Law School professor Ian Ayres has offered to help victims exploited by the real “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort. Ayres wrote to the judge overseeing Belfort’s case and offered to donate money to the restitution fund.

Soup kitchen. Miya’s Sushi gave out free “piping hot pumpkin miso soup” to everyone who came by on Tuesday during the shift of server Frank Blazi, who has already been everybody’s favorite source of sake bombs and miso soup for ages.

“The only edible, breakfast-table daily newspaper in Cambridge, Mass.” The Harvard Lampoon has set up an entirely fake version of The Harvard Crimson online. Satirical articles on the site include “Faust Will Not Unvest | Will Wear This Three-Piece Pantsuit Forever,” “UC To Send 300 Troops to Syria” and “15 Arbitrary Freshmen Wearing J Crew.” The page also included the article, “Crimson Editors Congratulate Selves on Meaningful Contribution to National Political Discourse.”

Meanwhile in the real Harvard Crimson… In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Facebook, The Harvard Crimson ran a feature on its founding. Highlights from the piece include a photo of Mark Zuckerberg from 2004, a throwback to Facemash, cameos from the Winklevii and some discussion of the “poke” function.

#AmericaisBeautiful. Blue State has released a new “mission poster” that is all stars and spangles. “Coffee fueled American Independence,” and “The Founding Fathers planned the revolution in coffeehouses,” the posters read. The only colors used on the poster are red, white and blue.

Lunch Roulette. The International Student Organization has started up their game of lunch tag once again. Students who sign up will be paired randomly with someone else for a meal. Each meal is worth 1 point and taking a photo earns an additional point. The three top scorers will win Froyo World gift cards.

There’s a place on… York Street may not resemble Ocean Avenue at the moment, but Yellowcard stopped by this week for a performance at Toad’s on Monday. If you listen to the lyrics of their hit song carefully, it does seem to describe a night at Woad’s: “Sleeping all day, staying up all night … Staying up all night”

This day in Yale history 1970 Thefts rise on campus. Every residential college is hit but Morse and Ezra Stiles have experienced particularly high rates of crime.

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