Sunlight sealed and sent. Dixie McCormick, the golden retriever who steadfastly stood guard outside the doors of Timothy Dwight’s dining hall, passed away on Tuesday. Quietly offering a warm hug or a wag of the tale, “Dixie loved all of you … never forget that,” read an update on the dog’s Facebook page. After three years on campus, Dixie will be remembered for the sunshine she brought into the lives of the countless TD students she greeted as they came home at night.

Books over bros. Saybrook students received an email from Saybrook Library this weekend inviting them to “rush.” “That’s right friends. It’s rush season. And everyone knows the real hub of Yale Greek life is not High Street, Zeta, or Sig Chi. It’s obviously right here in the Saybrary,” the email read. The message also reminded potential rushees that every night in the library is late night and BYOB (bring your own books).

Farmville. Undergraduate Career Services is hosting an event today titled “So you want to … Work on a Farm.”

Portrait of a university president as a young man. University President Peter Salovey was named after 1940s folk singer Pete Seeger, he revealed in an email Monday morning. “My parents were such fans of Pete Seeger’s music that they named their oldest child after him!” Salovey said. The announcement opened up a host of speculations as to who former University President Richard Charles Levin was named after: Wagner? Nixon? Richard the Lionheart, King of England?

Love in the time of CCEs. The latest love potion cooked up by the CCEs is “Date Night,” a semiformal dinner to be held on Valentine’s Day in the Silliman dining hall. The event promises a themed menu as well as performances throughout dinner. Students are encouraged to come with a date, with friends or even screw-style (with a blind date).

Party like a college kid! Feb Club Emeritus, which is Feb Club for alumni, has an international reach this year. The Yale tradition without limits (age limits that is) kicked off this weekend and has parties planned for Geneva, Fontainebleau, Milan, Munich, Vancouver and Cape Town among other locations.

“She’s ba-a-ack,” read a line from The New York Times Sunday Book Review in its piece on Law School professor Amy Chua’s latest book, “The Triple Package.”

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1951 A festival brings together current and former Whiffenpoofs in the largest gathering of penguin tuxedos in the Northeast.

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